Membership Card

Pool Pass

A membership card is required for all residents age 2 and up to be admitted to the pools. Cards must be requested from the Association by filling out the appropriate form-- see more information below about the specifics of the process for both Homeowners and Tenants. 

Validation Stickers

Membership cards are made valid each year with validation stickers. These yearly stickers are to be placed directly onto the back of cards. Homeowners in good standing who reside at the property are mailed 4 stickers as a household average mid-May each year. Stickers for additional verified members, for Tenants given right of use to amenities and for Homeowners who have kept right of use to amenities for themselves can be requested from the Association office. 

We highly recommend requests be made before the busy season (May-June). Request in person at the office, by mail to 12350 Oakwood Drive or by email. Allow 1-2 days for processing. See the processes for both Homeowners and Tenants below.

Discount Program

Membership cards also act as discount cards for participating local businesses in our Membership Discount Program! Check out the page for a full list and the specific discounts offered at each business.

How to Get Access

  • Homeowner Residing at Property

Submit Form & Proof of Residency - Homeowner must complete Homeowner Membership Request Form (PDF) and provide proof of residency for all Members of the household over the age of 2 to obtain membership cards/amenity keys. Cards require yearly validation sticker to verify good standing.

  • Homeowner Renting Out Property

Complete Tenant Registration - Any Homeowner renting out a property must complete the Tenant Registration process, registering their Tenant(s) with the Association. Part of this process involves designating use of amenities (access to pools, spray ground, tennis courts, boat ramp, community centers) to either be kept by Homeowner or given to Tenant(s).

  • Card-Holding Homeowner

Obtain Validation Stickers - Mid-May each year, 4 validation stickers are mailed as a household average to Homeowners residing at properties in good standing. If additional stickers are needed, come to the office or contact the Recreation Department-- we will need to see requested names registered in our system.

  • New Tenant 

Verify Completed Tenant Registration - Tenant must first verify that Homeowner has completed Tenant Registration and designated use of amenities to Tenant(s). *Only those names listed on the registration form can obtain amenity access, so be sure to verify ALL occupants with Homeowner, including children, before they submit registration.*

Submit Form & Proof of Residency - Tenant must complete Tenant Membership Request Form (PDF) and provide proof of residency for all Members of the household over the age of 2 (not already listed on submitted lease) to obtain membership cards/amenity keys. Cards require yearly validation sticker to verify good standing.

  • Card-Holding Tenant

Obtain Validation Stickers - The corresponding number of validation stickers to the number of names listed on the Tenant Registration form can be requested from the Recreation Department mid-May each year. *If the lease on file from registration has expired, an updated lease or an addendum may need to be provided to prove current residency.*

Lost Cards

Left at the Pool - If you know what pool the card(s) were left at, call that pool’s phone number (see Pool Hours) and check with the lifeguards. They may have it set aside if it was recent.

Card Misplaced by Lifeguards - If the lifeguards misplaced your card(s) between the time you entered the pool and the time you go to leave, they will give you a special signed form to bring to the office to get specified cards re-printed at no charge.

Card Confiscated by Lifeguards - Membership cards are non-transferable. Lifeguards will confiscate cards that do not belong to Members attempting to enter the pool. Cards can also be confiscated if Pool Rules are not followed. They will be held at the office for an amount of time determined by the Recreation Director to be picked up by their owners.

End-Of-Season Collection - At the end of the pool season, lost cards are brought to the Association office for pickup. If they are not collected, they will be disposed of at the end of the year on December 31st. 

Misplaced Card - There is a $5.00 fee for each replacement card issued. Proof of residency is required. Tenants must be registered.