Pay Online

*New* Owner Portal

In the Owner Portal, you can pay assessment fees with a credit card and e-check. 

You can also sign-up for ACH with LRPRA directly and avoid processing fees! Auto payments set up through the Owner Portal automatically update year-to-year.

Owner Portal Opens in new window


Pacific Western Bank

  • Visit Pacific Western Bank  for a one-time e-check payment.
  • Input your Homeowner ID/Account/Unit Number. This can be found on your statement; enter it without any dashes or blank spaces. Example: 000000LR12345

Login Problems

If you are unable to locate your account number, call the Association office at 703-491-2154 during business hours. Online banking customer assistance cannot provide you with your account number.

How to Make a Payment

Your assessment account balance is not displayed on Pacific Western Bank. Please contact the Association Office at 703-491-2154 if you have any questions regarding your account balance.

  • E-check (debit) payments are free.

Other Online Banking Option: Zego