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Lake Ridge's Pool Check-In is Online

Association  Members register their property and it's residents through a one-time online registration with CellBadge. Once approved, Members enjoy seamless check-in at the pools just by relaying their address. No card or app needed!

New Residents

If you are new to the community or have not used the pool since we transitioned to online check-in, register following the steps below! 

RENTERS: Before registering for CellBadge, confirm that your landlord has completed the pre-requisite Tenant Registration for your household.

Returning Residents

If you or a family member already registered your household and were approved in CellBadge previously, you are all set in the system! Check in just as you did last summer.

RENTERS: Confirm that a lease proving residency through the pool season is on file with the Association.

Adding a New Resident: If you need to request to add a new family member, sign into your account in the "Enter or Update Household Members" section with the account email you used to set up your household in CellBadge. 



Property Account

  • Create a property account in CellBadge by submitting an Initial Add Request with your contact info as a residing Homeowner or a registered Tenant given right of use to the amenities (assigned during pre-requisite Tenant Registration).
  • Await approval or rejection message, allowing 2 business days. If rejected, don't worry-- see reason given in Details line of message, follow the link for instructions, and re-submit a new request after you have completed the required action. Once approved, move to Step 2.
+ Photos

  • Enter yourself & other full-time residents 2yrs+ to your approved account in the Enter or Update Household Members section, using the contact info from Step 1 to request a PIN number and sign in to your account.
  • Upload a clear, close-up headshot photo for each member by clicking the camera button next to their name. This is required for lifeguards to identify members at check-in.
  • Await approval or rejection message, allowing 2 business days. If rejected, follow Details link to send Proof of Residency. If you receive an approval message and have uploaded a photo for each member, you are registered and ready to check-in to the pools!

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Maintaining a Valid Account: Homeowners must keep the property in good standing (assessment fees paid, property violations cleared) and rental properties must keep Tenant Registration current. See Invalid Check-In page for how we handle account holds for finance balances, property violations and holds for expired leases.

CellBadge accounts and their guest passes will be deleted from the system upon change of property ownership or change of tenants. Members on the account may be deleted if information does not match current Association database documentation (Ex: Tenant Registration Form).

Registrations not completed after close of pool season will be deleted from the system. Residents can restart the registration process prior to the follow season's pool opening.