CellBadge Pool Access

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Residents complete a one-time online registration with CellBadge to enjoy seamless check-in at the pools. Once registered, just tell the lifeguard your address--  no card or app needed!

Previous Registrants

Already signed up for CellBadge last year? No need to re-register each summer. Your account info will remain in CellBadge for as long as you are a resident of the Association.

To maintain a Valid account, Homeowners must keep the property in good standing (assessment fees paid, property violations cleared) and Renters must keep Tenant Registration updated with a current lease on file to prove residency. See Invalid Check-In page for how we handle account holds for expired leases, finance balances or property violations.

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Create Account

  • Create a CellBadge account by submitting an Initial Add Request with your contact info as a residing Homeowner or a registered Tenant given right of use to the amenities (assigned via Tenant Registration).
  • Allow 2 business days for a REJECTION or APPROVAL message. If rejected, see reason given in Details line of message, follow the link for more info to complete action, and re-submit Initial Add Request. If approved, move on to Step 2.

  • Add yourself and other full-time residents 2yrs+ to your account in the Enter or Update Household Members section, using the contact info from Step 1 to receive a PIN number to sign in to your account.
  • Upload a clear, close-up photo for each member by clicking the camera button next to their name. This is required for lifeguards to identify members at check-in.
  • Allow 2 business days for a REJECTION or APPROVAL message. If rejected, follow Details link to send Proof of Residency. If you receive an approval message and have uploaded a photo for each member, you are registered!