CellBadge Pool Access

What is CellBadge?

Last summer, LRPRA instituted a new digital pool access system-- no longer do residents use plastic membership cards, but rather complete a one-time registration on their website to enjoy seamless check-in at the pools, just by giving your address to the lifeguard!

Previous Registrants

Already registered for CellBadge last year? You are all set! No need to re-register. Yearly validation is no longer required-- your account info will remain in the CellBadge system for as long as you are a resident of the Association. See "Invalid Check-In" for how we handle account holds.

New Registrants

Follow the instructions to sign up for CellBadge, and enjoy access to our 5 pools and spray park across Lake Ridge!


  1. Registration Instructions
  2. Rejection Reasons
  3. Invalid Check-In
Create Account

  • Create an account by submitting an INITIAL ADD REQUEST with your contact info as a residing Homeowner, or as a registered Tenant (Renter) with right of use to the amenities.
  • Allow 2-3 business days for a REJECTION or APPROVAL response. If rejected, see reason given in "Details" line of message, follow instructions, and re-submit request.

  • Add yourself and your family (full-time residents 2yrs+ only) to your account in the ENTER OR UPDATE HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS section with your contact info and requested pin.
  • Upload a clear, close-up photo for each member by clicking the camera button next to their name. Photo identification is required to enter the pool. If you get an approval email, you are registered!

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