Membership Card 

Use #1: Pool Pass

A Membership Card is required for all residents over the age of 2 years to be admitted to the pools. Each card requires the addition of a yearly Validation Sticker to verify "good standing" for your property. Follow request procedures below. Allow 1-2 days for processing.

If you have lost your card or need a replacement, see Lost Card Procedures.

Use #2: Discount Card

LRPRA’s Membership Card can be used to get discounts at participating local businesses in our Membership Discount Program! Check out the page for a full list and the specific discounts offered at each business, or to join as a partner.

Prerequisites: Membership Card Requests

Is your property in GOOD STANDING with the Association?

Properties must be in good standing in order to have amenities requests fulfilled. Exterior property violations must be resolved and cleared by Covenants and assessment payments must be received by Finance by their due date (1st of the month) to have a clear account balance. The Association will only disclose details regarding to the status of the property account to Property Owners.

Do you have PROOF OF RESIDENCY to upload for each member?

Each member is required to provide 1 document to prove residency within the Association. The form will allow residents to upload images of documentation. Feel free to redact private information beforehand aside from your name and address for our verification purposes.

Options for Adults
- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Current Payroll Check / Stub
- Current Bill
- Current Bank Statement
- Settlement Paperwork
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)
Options for Children
- Birth Certificate / Passport
- Medical / Insurance Card
- Custody Paperwork
- Military ID
- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Bank Statement
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)

Has the most up-to-date TENANT REGISTRATION been completed?

Applies to Homeowners Renting Out Property and to Tenants (Renters)

Before proceeding with the form, Tenants must be registered with the Association. Right of use to amenities must be delegated, either to be kept by Homeowner or given to Tenants. If given to Tenants, only those names submitted on the registration form can access amenities. An updated lease extension/addendum proving current residency can be emailed to Recreation to be added to the previously completed Tenant Registration file with no additional administration fee charged.

Prerequisites: Validation Sticker Requests

Residents submit this form if all they need are the current year’s Validation Stickers for verified household members. Stickers can be requested no earlier than end of May after the Association mailing has gone out.

Homeowners residing at property - All properties in good standing receive 4 stickers (average household number) in the mail by the end of May. After this mailing has been sent out, additional requests for members who have already proven residency can be made via the linked Validation Sticker Request Form above.

Homeowners renting out property to Tenants - Properties with alternate billing addresses do not receive stickers in the mail as they are indicated as rental properties. Tenant Registration must be completed indicating that the Homeowner is keeping right of use to Amenities in order to obtain Membership Cards or Validation Stickers. Once this is complete, the linked Validation Sticker Request Form above can be submitted to request stickers for verified household members.

Tenants - Those who have been registered with up-to-date leases and given right of use to Amenities are mailed the corresponding number of Validation Stickers to names listed on registration form. This form is submitted by the Homeowner, so it is recommended that Tenants confirm household members with them before submission to ensure that everyone is listed, therefore avoiding additional registration fees.