Membership Card 

Use #1: Pool Pass

A Membership Card is required for all residents over the age of 2 years to be admitted to the pools. Each card requires the addition of a yearly Validation Sticker to verify "good standing" for your property, meaning there is no assessment balance or unresolved exterior violation. Follow request procedures below and submit via email or drop-off/mail to the Associaiton Office. Allow 1-2 days for processing.

Use #2: Discount Card

LRPRA’s Membership Card can be used to get discounts at participating local businesses in our Membership Discount Program! Check out the page for a full list and the specific discounts offered at each business, or to join as a partner.

membership card requests


Submit Homeowner Membership Request Form (PDF) with proof of residency. Provide for all Members of the household over the age of 2 years.

Homeowners with Tenants must complete Tenant Registration, delegating Amenities right of use to either be kept by Homeowner OR given to Tenants.


1 - Confirm that Homeowner completed Tenant Registration and delegated Amenities right of use to Tenants. 

Only those names listed on the registration form can access Amenities, so be sure to verify ALL occupants with Homeowner, including children, before registration is submitted.

2 - Once delegated Amenities right of use, submit Tenant Membership Request Form (PDF) with proof of residency. Provide for all Members of the household over the age of 2 years not already listed on submitted lease.

validation sticker requests


Residing Homeowners in good standing are mailed 4 Validation Stickers every year mid-May. Stickers for additional verified members can be requested from Recreation.

Properties with alternate billing addresses do not receive stickers in the mail as they are indicated as rental properties. See Tenant Registration for more information.


Registered Tenants with up-to-date leases are mailed the corresponding number of Validation Stickers to names listed on Tenant Registration form submitted by Homeowner. Request from the Recreation Department if not received in the mail mid-May. 

An updated lease extension/addendum proving current residency can be emailed to Recreation to be added to the previously completed Tenant Registration file with no additional administration fee charged.