Pool Access: CellBadge

What is CellBadge?

CellBadge is a digital pool access system to replace the use of plastic membership cards. Residents can register their households online in 3 simple steps for easy pool check-in.

No more lost cards, yearly validation stickers or waiting in long lines at the Office. Once registered, residents will simply give their name and address upon arrival at the pool to be verified in CellBadge and granted access. It's that easy!

Membership is "Valid" so long as Association accounts are in good standing (e.g., paid up on assessment dues with Finance and property violations resolved with Covenants) and Renters have an up-to-date Tenant Registration (including leases) on file with Administration. Households with an "Invalid" account status at pool check-in will be directed by lifeguards to contact the Office (703-491-2154) to clear their hold.


How to Register

Initial Add

  • Visit CellBadge to submit an Initial Add Request
  • Add info for a primary residing Homeowner / registered Tenant (Renter) of the property.
Check for confirmation email/text to proceed. Allow 2-3 days.



Proof of Residency may be requested by Association Staff via email.


Include "Subject: Photos - Lake Ridge Address” (ex. Photos - 12350 Oakwood Drive).

Register for CellBadge Opens in new window

Proof of Residency

During the registration process, Members may be requested to provide a document to prove residency in the Association or relation to a resident for those under 18yrs. The following are acceptable forms of documentation:

NOTE: Members (Adults & Minors) without a photo on file must present a valid photo ID with Lake Ridge address at each visit.

Options for Adults (18+):

- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Current Payroll Check / Stub
- Current Bill
- Current Bank Statement
- Settlement Paperwork
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)

Options for Minors:

- Birth Certificate / Passport
- Medical / Insurance Card
- Custody Paperwork
- Military ID
- Driver’s License / ID Card
- Bank Statement
- Listed on Lease (for Tenants only)

Why is my account status "Invalid"?

Property Not in Good Standing

Properties not in good standing, e.g., balance due to Finance and/or unresolved violations with Covenants, can be marked "Invalid" and temporarily denied access to pools. Contact the Office (703-491-2154) to be directed to the appropriate department, take care of the outstanding issue and re-gain access to the pools.

Tenant Registration Out-Of-Date

Rental properties with an out-of-date Tenant Registration on file can be marked "Invalid" and temporarily denied access to pools. To update, a Homeowner must either complete first-time registration for new Tenants, or a lease addendum must be sent to Administration at adminteam@lakeridgeva.com to update a previously completed registration with an expired lease.

Behavioral Incident

A Member's status can be marked "Banned" if Pool Rules are not followed. The length of time will be determined by the Recreation Director to be discussed with offenders and/or guardians of minors.