Paper Guest Passes Banner

Turn in old paper format guest passes to the Association Office to be transferred to a household CellBadge account. Paper passes will no longer be accepted for pool entry come 2022 pool season.

Number of Guests

Each household can bring up to 6 guests at a time. All guests must be accompanied by an Association Member. 

Purchasing Passes

New Passes

No longer sold at pools, electronic guest passes are pre-purchased from the Association Office during business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm), either over the phone (703-491-2154) with card or in the Office with check or card. Guest fees are non-refundable. 

Stock up as guest passes do not expire! Recreation will add the number of passes purchased to the CellBadge account of the household and a lifeguard will deduct from that number at pool check-in.

Single Guest Visit:             $5.00

Senior Passes (65+):          Upon request to Recreation, claim 5 complimentary passes each year!

Old Paper Passes

Guest passes will no longer be sold in paper format will not be accepted by lifeguards for pool entry. Instead, passes from years prior can be transferred a household CellBadge account by turning them in to the Recreation Department at the Association Office.


Guest passes are not transferable between pools in a day. Members must remain at the pool while hosting a guest, and are responsible for the behavior of their guests. See Pool Rules for details.