Exterior Alterations

Any change to the exterior appearance of a lot requires approval prior to the alteration. This includes alterations in the yard and window replacements as well as any other exterior alteration. If an element such as a roof is being replaced, approval is needed unless the replacement will exactly match the existing element in appearance, dimensions, color and material.


Any color changes will require submission of a color sample and many alterations, such as fences, also require submission of a property plat with the alteration clearly marked on the plat. The purpose of the documentation is to thoroughly explain your proposal. You must write what you are applying for on the application form.

A property plat is a map drawn to-scale of all property lines and existing structures on an individual residential lot. You may have received a house location survey plat of your property at closing when you purchased the home. If not, your plat can be retrieved from the Prince William County complex at the McCoart Administration building. For more information, see Prince William County’s website


Your application and supporting documentation may be dropped off during office business hours. If samples are not required, you can submit via email or via fax to 703-497-7145. Once received, Covenants staff may inspect the property and take photos for use during the review of the proposed alteration.

The Association requires that Homeowners follow a list of guidelines to maintain property values. Please refer to these Guidelines for Lots when considering making any exterior changes:

Guidelines for Lots Cover

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee (AC) reviews appeals of architectural violations and applications for large projects, such as additions. The AC also reviews alterations that are not common or pre-existing in the neighborhood, are not in conformance with the Architectural Guidelines for Lots and are not appropriate for the architecture, aesthetic or color scheme of the lot.