Private Field Rentals

The softball and soccer fields are on Association-owned private property and are available for private rental when not in use by the Association. Only day-long events are permitted; there will be no permits for leagues or camps on a recurring basis. Call to check availability and fill out a rental contract at the Association office to reserve.

Rental Fee

FieldRental Fee      Max Capacity
Softball Field$50 per event              100
Soccer Field$50 per event              150
Both Fields$100 per event              250

Security Deposit: $100 check/money order

Conditions of Rental

  • Rentals are NOT permitted on behalf of another party. Only member(s) listed on the rental contract are permitted to submit the contract and pick up/return security deposit. This ensures responsibility remain within the Association.
  • Renter must be 21+ years of age and provide proof of residency.
  • Renter’s property must be in good standing (no outstanding property violations or account balances). Tenants must be registered with the Association and have been given right of use for Common Area Facilities.
  • Nonprofit rentals are allowed, but must show proof of 501(c)3 IRS status. Same rental fee rates apply.
  • Renter is responsible for all damages to the fields and surrounding premises. The Renter releases the Association from any and all damages, actions, claims or causes of actions for any loss or damages suffered by the Renter and their guests, and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Association from any claim for damages made by the Renter and their guests.
  • Ticket sales prior to the event or at the entrance to the fields’ grounds are not permitted.
  • Softball bases may be supplied for an additional fee.
  • Food and beverages may be set up adjacent to the field.
  • Glass is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited. 
  • Field availability beings at 8:00am until dusk. Set up and clean up time is included in this time frame.
  • Rental Refund PolicyA written request must be submitted to in order to cancel or change your reservation. A minimum of 10 business days must be given in order to qualify for a refund. 30 or more business days prior to rental date = refund of Rental Fee - 10%. Between 10 to 30 business days prior = Rental Fee - 20%. Less than 10 business days prior = No Refund Granted.
  • In the event of heavy rainfall or other weather conditions, the Association may make the call to close the fields. The Association will give the option to reschedule to a later date (within 6 months) or obtain a refund.