Proof of Residency

Rejection Reason: 

"Send Proof of Residency"

Proof of residency linking each requested Member to your Lake Ridge address may be required during the registration process. One of these acceptable forms of proof for each Member can be emailed to for approval:

Options for Adults (18+):

Provide 1 of the following items as proof of residency showing Lake Ridge address and name:

- Driver's License / ID Card
- Current Payroll Check / Stub
- Current Bill
- Current Bank Statement

Options for Children:

Provide 1 of the following items as proof of relation showing parent (resident) and child name:

- Birth Certificate / Passport
- Medical / Insurance Card
- Custody Paperwork
- Military ID
- Driver's License / ID Card
- Bank Statement

Summer Visitors

CellBadge access to Lake Ridge pools is an amenity for full-time residents only. Summer visitors do not qualify as full-time residents, but can come to the pool with you as guests with the purchase of guest passes.