Invalid Check-In

Finance Balance / Covenants Violation

Any property not in good standing, e.g., account balance with Finance (assessment payments are considered "past due" after the 1st of the month) and/or open violation with Covenants, can be marked "Invalid" and temporarily denied access to pools with a hold on the account. Contact the Office (703-491-2154) to speak to the appropriate department on how to resolve the hold.

Expired Lease for Tenant Registration

If the lease on file for Tenant Registration expires during the pool season, the status of the CellBadge account will shift to "Invalid" and access to the pools will be temporarily denied as there is no longer proof of residency within the Association.

To update registered Tenants, email an addendum to Administration at

Household Behavioral Incident

A Member's status can be marked "Banned" if Pool Rules are not followed. The length of time will be determined by the Recreation Director to be discussed with offenders and/or guardians of minors.

Photo Identification

Photo Identification is required for all Members to enter the pools. If a resident is unable to upload a photo, a lifeguard can take one with a tablet at the pool when presented with a valid photo ID with Lake Ridge address listed. 

If a resident wishes not to have a photo on file, they must present a valid photo ID with their Lake Ridge address at EACH visit to enter the pool. This applies to both adults and minors.

To avoid complications and slowing down the check-in process, we recommend all residents complete the CellBadge process as intended with a photo on file for each member.