2024 Board Election

Congrats to Our Newly Elected Board Members

Welcome re-elected members Ron Yoho and Bill Milne and newly elected member Rebecca Hale to the LRPRA Board of Directors! Thank you to all who participated in voting and came out to the Annual Meeting last night to vote from our floor nominations. Many thanks to our other candidates nominated from the floor for their willingness and efforts to be involved in the community.

2024 Election FAQ's

What is the Annual Meeting? The Annual Meeting of the Membership is relevant for all homeowners! Helpful info about the community will be shared, with highlights to include special guest PWC Police Chief Newsham, the Board President and Treasurer's annual report of the past year, and results of the 2024 Board Election as well as the possible opportunity to vote for floor nominations. If you would like to be involved and stay in the loop on the community, mark your calendar to be there on February 8 at Tall Oaks Community Center-- doors open at 6:00pm, general information is shared at 7:00pm, and the annual meeting business begins at 8:00pm.

Why is There One Candidate on My Ballot? This year, only one individual applied for candidacy during our open application period for the community. The need for volunteers is shared among community associations post-COVID, so we face a challenge finding volunteers like so many other associations. Typically, we have at least three candidates for our Board of nine members.

Are There Other Options? Our governing documents were drafted with several options for resolving fewer volunteers than desired:

  1. During the Annual Meeting, nominations are accepted from the floor (the practice of submitting an individual as a candidate directly within the meeting), and members in attendance at the time of the meeting will receive a ballot providing the opportunity to vote for candidate(s) as desired.
  2. If there are not enough candidates to fill the vacancies, the incumbent directors will continue in office until resignation or replacement (per Virginia Non-Stock Corporation).
  3. The Board can vote to reduce their number of members to a minimum of 5 or appoint interested parties to vacant seats following typical appointment proceedings.
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