Meet the Candidates: 2023


Meet the Candidates Night: Wednesday, January 4, 2022-- 6:00p.m. Tall Oaks Community Center

Candidate Spotlight in Lake Ridge Today, January/February issue

Michele Basham

Michele Basham, LRPRA 2023 Board of Directors Candidate"Hello, my name is Michele Basham and I have been a resident of Lake Ridge for 27 years. I have worked in the nonprofit/association community for over 20 years, with a focus on operations, membership recruitment/retention and providing my constituents with the best possible service. My husband and I have raised two children (both attended Antietam Elementary, Lake Ridge Middle, and Woodbridge High School); and I have a two-year-old grandson. These people are my motivation! I want to give back to my community by sharing my experiences as a volunteer leader with a fresh and creative perspective."

Janet Foote

Janet Foote_Blue Background"We have lived in Lake Ridge 31 years. The community has been good to us – great schools, friendly neighbors, sustained home values, and vibrant diverse citizens. During my time on the LRPRA Board, I have served faithfully and transparently. I pledge to insure open communication, financial stability, and attention to our aging infrastructure. I hold an MBA and am a graduate of the DoD Leadership Management Program and AF War College. I was Treasurer and board member of a $5M credit union and spent 9 years on LRPRA’s Finance Committee. Your vote would be an honor."

Mark Hale

Mark Hale, LRPRA 2023 Board of Directors Candidate"My family has lived in Lake Ridge for 10 years, my children attended elementary through high school and participated in the LRPRA youth sports programs, summer camps, and enjoy all the pools. We have made Lake Ridge our home. I am driven by the need to provide proper stewardship of our community. That begins with integrity, accountability, and transparency from the Board of Directors. It means dealing with the residents kindly, fairly, honestly and with transparency. Far too many times I have witnessed residents treated as an inconvenience by the Board. The Board exists for the residents not the other way around. We live in community with each other in Lake Ridge and the tone set by the Board in their decisions must be one that considers all the residents. Do we want Lake Ridge to simply be a geographic area or a community where families and individuals thrive and feel welcome?"

Nathalie Henin

Nathalie Henin- 2023 Board of Directors Candidate"I am a Lake Ridge resident since 2003, I have lived in Belgium, Jordan and USA. I have a wonderful husband and son. I work from home. My love for nature drove me to the beauty of Lake Ridge. I am an International Travel Counselor with a major in Art History and a high sense of customer services. I love nature and my neighbors. It is important to have good relationship with your neighbors. I love to Travel, gardening, Arts, movies and our planet. Lake Ridge is a safeclean and beauty community and I want to make it more beautiful."

Cassie Panzenbeck

Cassie Panzenbeck, LRPRA 2023 Board of Directors Candidate

"You probably recognize me from the grocery store, from church, or from seeing my family out walking our dog. This is your chance to learn a bit more about me, so that you can feel confident electing me to serve your interests. As a wife and working mother, I know how to get 36 hours of productivity out of each 24-hour day. As your representative on the Board, you can be assured that (1) I will attend every meeting (2) as the most prepared person (3) to act in your interest (4) to preserve and enhance our quality of life in Lake Ridge (5) through our POA's policies, management, and financial stewardship. We have an incredible neighborhood full of wonderful people, lovely architecture, beautiful landscaping, and fun amenities. I love where I live, and I want to ensure that you do, too!"