Access Your Account

  • Go to the Zego website.
  • Login using the username and password you used to create your Zego (formerly PayLease) account.
  • If you are a new user to Zego, click Create Account and complete the Homeowner information, listing "Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association, Inc." as the HOA name.
  • Input your Homeowner ID/Account/Unit Number. This can be found on your payment coupons; enter it without any dashes or blank spaces. Example: LRASW123410

How to Make a Payment

Your assessment account balance is displayed on Zego. Please note that transactions are not reflected in real time for assessments and payments. Assessment charges will show in your Zego account balance the next business day after they are charged to your Association account. Payments, while posted to your Association account the following business day, may not be reflected in your Zego balance until the second business day.

  • Select your payment type: E-check or debit/credit card payment.
  • Zego charges a 3.5% processing fee for debit/credit card payments.
  • E-check (debit) payments are free (both one time and recurring).
  • You determine the payment amount, the payment frequency (one time or recurring), and the day of the month you want the payment to be made. You can also choose to set up payment reminders and receive email receipts.

Notice: For accounts forwarded to our attorney for collection, the account balance displayed in Zego is subject to verification with the Association’s attorney. The online account balance may not include all legal fees and court costs.