Association Office


12350 Oakwood Drive
Lake Ridge, VA 22192



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Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:00pm

Contact Maintenance After Hours

To contact LRPRA personnel after business hours regarding a common area emergency, call 703-491-2154 and follow the prompt for Facilities or email the Facilities Department.

Name Title Email Phone
Ahmadi, Amanda Programs & Events Coordinator   703-491-2154 ext. 112
Barefoot, Kellee Customer Service Representative   703-491-2154 ext. 128
Brooks, Mark Facilities Director 703-491-2154 ext. 103
Brown-Bigelow, Shirley Customer Service Representative   703-491-2154 ext. 128
Ciorcila, Ramona Covenants Assistant   703-491-2154 ext. 106
Freer, Brodie Assistant Facilities Director 703-491-2154 ext. 107
Halbach, Bethany Recreation Marketing Coordinator   703-491-2154 ext. 113
Hale, Rebecca Assistant Finance Director 703-491-2154 ext. 117
Hill, Sheree Customer Service Representative   703-491-2154 ext. 101
Huh, Kimberly Accounts Payable Administrator/Financial Analyst   703-491-2154 ext. 118
Hunter, Trent Covenants Assistant   703-491-2154 ext. 121
Krauss, Laura Recreation Director 703-491-2154 ext. 114
Lawson, Melissa Accounts Receivable Administrator & Legal Liaison   703-491-2154 ext. 120
Milburn, Douglas Director of Administration and Human Resources 703-491-2154 ext. 102
Mutlu, Ike Chief Operating Officer / General Manager 703-491-2154 ext. 104
Pomier, Stephanie Payroll Administrator/ Staff Accountant   703-491-2154 ext. 115
Yuenger, Megan Acting Director of Covenants 703-491-2154 ext. 108
Yuenger, Michael Director of Finance and IT 703-491-2154 ext. 109

Board of Directors 

12350 Oakwood Drive
Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Link: Board of Directors Page

Name Title Email Phone
Berry, Christopher Member LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Butler, Michael Vice President LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Devers, Jason Member LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Foote, Janet President LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Herndon, Tina Secretary LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Lohier, Jean Member LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Milne, Bill Member LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Stephens, Michael Member LRPRA Office 703-491-2154
Yoho, Ron Treasurer LRPRA Office 703.491.2154