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Tall Oaks Community Center

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Reservation Cost

$70.00 per hour

$350.00 per day

Max Occupancy 75
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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Balcony
  3. Banquet Chairs
  4. Bar Countertop
  5. Carpeted Floors
  6. Fireplace Facade
  7. Folding Tables
  8. Full Kitchen
  9. Parking
  10. Playground / Tot Lot
  11. Restrooms

Reserving a Center

  1. Submit a request or call the Recreation Department to check availability: 703-491-2154
  2. Come in to the Association office to fill out a rental contract-- Dates are not reserved until payment is made
  3. Show proof of residency within the Association-- Tenants must be registered and given right of use to amenities
  4. Pay rental fee by check, money order or card: $70 per hour / $350 for 5+ hours

Security Deposit & Key Return

In addition, a security deposit of $300 in the form of check / money order ONLY (“payable to” left blank) will be due the business day before your event in exchange for key pickup. It is refundable upon key return if there was no breach of contract post-inspection.

If there has been no breach of contract, the security deposit check/money order will be released back to the renter at time of key return. If there has been any breach of contract, payment will be due at time of key return.
  • Payment Option 1:   check, money order or credit/debit card will be accepted for the exact amount due & security deposit voided
  • Payment Option 2:   full security deposit will be processed as payment & refund check in the amount of the difference mailed

Cancellation/Reschedule Requests

A written request must be submitted in order to cancel or change a reservation. Email Recreation with your name and address, community center and date reserved, and reason for cancelling or rescheduling. If the request is approved, bring the previously filled out contract to the office for adjustments and pay applicable fee.

Cancellation Date / Reschedule Request Date                                 Refund Granted / Fee Charged
30 or more business days prior to rental date                        =             Rental fee minus 10%
Between 10 and 30 business days prior to rental date          =             Rental fee minus 20%
Fewer than 10 business days prior to rental date                  =             No refund granted

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