Will a reservation be required?

No Reservations - Unlike summer 2020, no reservations will be required. In an effort to transition back to normal pool operations, residents will come to the pool on a first-come, first-swim basis at a reduced capacity that will likely increase throughout the summer. The only prior action required will be registration in CellBadge.

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1. Will a reservation be required?
2. How many patrons are allowed at each pool?
3. Can I still enter the pool if I’m registered in CellBadge without a photo?
4. Do I have to download an app to check into the pool?
5. Can I still use my Membership Card to enter the pool?
6. Can I bring Guests?
7. Can I go to more than one session throughout the day?
8. Will the Pool House be open for changing, showering or restroom use?
9. What pool deck furniture will be provided?
10. How can I maintain social distancing in line and in the pool?
11. Can I have a private party at the pool?
12. Why are the Spray Park, hot tub and sauna remaining closed this summer?