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  2. Nature of Concern
  3. NOTE: Covenants will promptly follow up on your concern, but keep in mind that voluntary compliance may take time. Your patience is appreciated. • Your identity will be kept confidential; however, the Homeowner may be informed that a concern was received from a neighbor. • You will not be contacted unless there is a question about your concern. • We are unable to provide an update as to the enforcement process regarding this concern. • Concerns with incomplete and/or vague information may not be investigated.
  4. Nature of Concern
  5. NOTE: Facilities will review your request as soon as possible (typically within 24-72 hours, depending on the nature of your request and the overall volume received) and take one of the following actions: 1) Respond and/or take action to your concern/request. 2) Direct you to appropriate service provider-- e.g. Dominion Energy, VDOT, Washington Gas, Comcast, Verizon, PW Service Authority, USPS, or Prince William County. 3) Forward your information to the appropriate LRRPA department.
  6. Please attach a photo of your concern if relevant.

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