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New Club/Class Request

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    The group must be open to members of the Association to join/participate in. If looking to use the community centers for a closed group, refer to our private rental page.

    The group will be autonomous and independent, not considered to be a part of LRPRA and will not be covered by any insurance coverage that the Association may have. The group will not be considered to be a “committee” of the association. LRPRA will have no oversight or supervision of the group’s activities or actions. The group is not permitted to use the words LRPRA or Lake Ridge Association in their name, letterhead, bank account name, etc.
    The Association will make efforts to help the group promote its events and activities by displaying brochures in our lobby, information on our website as well as in our bi-monthly magazine as space is available.
    A contract must be filled out and signed each year by January 1 for upcoming year to reserve the community center from group usage. Center usage is based upon availability and is subject to review each year.
  6. The Recreation Director will respond to your request upon review.
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