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Pool Rental Availability Request

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  2. You as the Association Member will be the party held responsible for the rental, present at the appointment to complete the contract under your name and responsible to drop off the security deposit on the scheduled date.

  3. You must reside within the Lake Ridge Association and your property must be in good standing to rent a pool. Proof of residency required at appointment.

  4. Contact info should be for you, the Association Member.

  5. Contact info should be for you, the Association Member.

  6. Fridays & Saturdays Only

  7. Age Demographic
  8. Appointment Preference*
  9. Booking appointments are held Wednesdays at the Association Office to fill out a rental contract with Recreation. When we send an appointment offer email, your requested date will be held for 2 days until you confirm attendance; if you do not reply within 2 days, your request will be deleted and date offered to others.
  10. Expect a reply from Recreation regarding availability within 5 business days. Requests must first go through lifeguard management to confirm lifeguard scheduling for your requested date.
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